Our History

Energy Reps has a rich history dating back to 1980 when it was formed as GHMR in the New Orleans, LA area by two enterprising agents. In 2000, the company became employee-owned, expanded its reach to cover eleven southern states, and adopted the name “Energy Reps” in Texas and Oklahoma.

Over the years, Energy Reps continued to grow and expand its territories. In 2009, it added Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico to its footprint, while GHMR expanded to include the Carolinas in the east.

In 2013, the managing partners, Keith Middlebrook and Tom Wichers, purchased the ESOP and continued to operate under the GHMR name in the southeast and the Energy Reps name in the west.

Today, Energy Reps operates throughout the entire 16-state territory under the leadership of Tom Wichers.

At Energy Reps, we have a proven business philosophy that emphasizes quality personnel, infrastructure investment, communication sensitivity, and a strong work ethic. We’re proud of our success, which has allowed us to aggressively grow our business and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.

To better serve our customers, we’ve made significant investments in infrastructure, enabling us to effectively support a sales force that covers all utility end users, specifiers, and suppliers in our geographic region. Our management team is structured in a way that reduces the burden of sales management typically placed on manufacturers, giving them more time to focus on developing products and serving their customers.

We maintain regular contact with all utility disciplines, including transmission, substation, distribution, metering, generation, telecom, and marketing. We’ve added personnel and systems and strategically relocated our team members to better serve the evolving marketplace. Our philosophy and infrastructure enable us to bring manufacturers closer to the pulse of the customer.

Since 1980, Energy Reps has been a professional sales organization dedicated to meeting all your power utility sales needs.