Manufacturers Represented in Wyoming and Colorado

15KV-35KV TR-XLPE/EPR, Overhead Bare Aluminum T&D Conductors (ACSR/AAAC/AAC), Industrial Power Cables, Bare Copper Conductor, Copper Clad Steel, Static Wire, Guy Wire, Aluminum Clad Steel, Substation Control Cables, Fiber Optic Cables & Hardware.

Air-core, dry-type reactors (patented dry winding process). applications: current limiting, load flow, bus ties, neutral grounding, harmonic filtering, shunts, HVDC smoothing & static var compensation.

Copper covered steel grounding conductor and strand.

U Guard, Guy Guard, Cable Markers, Double Coil Lock Washers, Secondary Service Pedestals, RV and Temporary Power Pedestals, Cabinets, Enclosures, and various utility tools

JunglePAX & JungleMUX multiplexers; cellular & wireless licensed and unlicensed solutions – MDS Radios


Connectors, tower/pole hardware, guy hardware, helix anchors, cutouts, & surge arresters

Manufacturing Heli-Ties, Armor Rods, Heli-Grips, Dead Ends, Line Guards and Splices.

15-69kV GOAB switches and motorized switch operators.

Professional Grade tools for Cable Pulling, Locating, (Fiberglass Duct Rodders & Fishtapes). Tree Trimming-Fiberglass poles, pruners, saws. Aerial Cable placing equipment-Sheaves, & Stringing Blocks. Splicing Tools-Knives, Scissors, Strippers, for Wire & Cable.

Structures: Transmission – tapered tubular Substation –round & square tube; I beam, tapered tubular

Shunt reactors, medium voltage substations both metal enclosed & pad mounted. 3 phase stacked core power transformers up to 575 MVA, 525 KV. mobile substations and portable transformers

3 phase stacked core power transformers up to 575 MVA, 525 KV. mobile substations and portable transformers

MV Cold Shrink Outdoor Terminations. 15–28kV @170kV BIL. 35kV @ 200kV BIL.

Batteries: Flooded Wet Cell, VRLA, GEL, NiCad; Battery Racks, Battery Chargers, Spill Containment & Enclosures, Monitoring and Test Equipment – Automated, Remote Monitoring; Hand held Digital Hydrometers, Field Support Services

ConduDisc: RUS approved pole grounding. Transmission, Substation and Distribution grounding solutions for difficult installations.

Quality stainless steel banding, sign brackets, hose clamps and installation tools

Substation and Transmission Group-Operated Disconnect Switches, Substation and Distributrion Hookstick Disconnects, and Substation Connectors

Signs, labels, tags, posts, decals, pole & tower markers; custom and stock.