Manufacturers Represented in Wyoming and Colorado

Silicon Polymer Distribution Insulators: 15 – 69kV. Line Post and Dead End Suspension insulators.

15KV-35KV TR-XLPE/EPR, Overhead Bare Aluminum T&D Conductors (ACSR/AAAC/AAC), Industrial Power Cables, Substation Control Cables.

Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks and Filters

Air-core, dry-type reactors (patented dry winding process). applications: current limiting, load flow, bus ties, neutral grounding, harmonic filtering, shunts, HVDC smoothing & static var compensation.

Copper covered steel grounding conductor and strand.

U Guard, Guy Guard, Cable Markers, Double Coil Lock Washers, Secondary Service Pedestals, RV and Temporary Power Pedestals, Cabinets, Enclosures, and various utility tools

Connectors, tower/pole hardware, guy hardware, helix anchors, cutouts, & surge arresters

Manufacturing Heli-Ties, Armor Rods, Heli-Grips, Dead Ends, Line Guards and Splices.

15-69kV GOAB switches and motorized switch operators.

Structures: Transmission – tapered tubular Substation –round & square tube; I beam, tapered tubular

Customized Identification Products, Signs, Labels, Tags, Safety Marking

distribution wood equivalent Ductile Iron Poles.

Shunt reactors, medium voltage substations both metal enclosed & pad mounted. 3 phase stacked core power transformers up to 575 MVA, 525 KV. mobile substations and portable transformers

High Voltage Instrument Transformers: CT; VT; CVT; CCVT & Units

MV Cold Shrink Outdoor Terminations. 15–28kV @170kV BIL. 35kV @ 200kV BIL.

Batteries: Flooded Wet Cell, VRLA, GEL, NiCad; Battery Racks, Battery Chargers, Spill Containment & Enclosures, Monitoring and Test Equipment – Automated, Remote Monitoring; Hand held Digital Hydrometers, Field Support Services

Quality stainless steel banding, sign brackets, hose clamps and installation tools

Specialists in on site sealing of both oil and SF6 leaks in substation transformers and circuit breakers

Substation and Transmission Group-Operated Disconnect Switches, Substation and Distributrion Hookstick Disconnects, and Substation Connectors

UL Listed Fiberglass sweeps and conduit. *Bullet Proof

Pole Climbing Steps, Fall Restraint Anchors, Ladder Clips